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A Dream

Life is so short.  Such a true statement and such a cliche that so many people will repeat to you over and over again.  I love waking up every day, mostly every day, with an excitement for what I pick out to wear along with what jewelry I plan to put on.  Don’t get me wrong there are many days that I simply want to wear leggings, sweatshirts and call it a day.  Though, there is some kind of feeling that rushes through women when they feel good in what they’re wearing, throw some cute shoes on, put some makeup on and own the day.  We are all so busy now as working women, working moms, stay at home moms and more.  We are tired, really tired and the extra effort to find clothes that make you feel as amazing as you should can be discouraging.  I hope everyone here can find pieces they love, pieces that make them feel like a million bucks.  Riley and Harper was named after my girls, actually their middle names.  I hope they always feel like a million bucks and take pride in how their clothes feel.  I hope they always have the confidence to own the room.  I hope all of you do too! ❤️