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Side Parts, Skinny Jeans and Wine

First, thank God summer is coming.  To all my cold weather loving friends...I am NOT sorry at all!  I love you guys but bring on the heat, pool time, cocktails and tans.  As I have said many times before we, Riley and Harper, have been working so hard towards securing a storefront.  Small update: we are STILL (drawn out voice) working on it and STILL (drawn out voice again) going back and forth in negotiations, it has been many months.  Keep us in your prayers!  

Moving onto summer fashion.  There has been so many taboo feelings towards skinny jeans and side parts.  The new "mom-jean" and "boyfriend/girlfriend jean" look is the latest.  Those are all great options too, love destructed jeans with high heels and even a bodysuit.  But by the way millennials...bodysuits were "cool" when those of us wearing skinny jeans and side parts were young.  I may have not worn a bodysuit since I was young at the age of 12 but they were cool and still are.  After having 2 kids, I don't think I need to add any snaps from clothing down there.  

I'm not sure I understand this whole "oversized" t-shirt trend going on (in public and not just for a sleep shirt) or for gods sake the white crocs that so many younger generations are wearing.  They are ugly unless you are in the garden planting tulips.  I'm sorry who that offends, I just can't with those things.

With all that said...regardless of my thoughts on oversized t-shirts and white crocs, do what makes you happy just add some class to it.  If skinny jeans and side parts are what makes you happy and feel your best, keep it up too.  

Riley and Harper has recently added lots for spring and summer fashion.  From graphic tees to patriotic tanks and onto beautiful, easy breezy dresses.  We have jean shorts to throw on (super cute with a bathing suit for around the pool) and we just got more in (I'll add them to site soon).   Jean jackets, rompers and jumpsuits all add that flare for summer fun too.  

We are always on the prowl for the latest pieces we love and I promise we always try to provide quality items but also affordable.  We plan on having price ranges for all eventually, mixing and matching possible higher end loves too.  

As always, I love each and every one of you and cannot repeat over and over again how grateful I am for the support of my passion.  I'm still showing my girls what a love, motivation and drive can do for anyone who puts that forward...even if I'm doing it with skinny jeans, a side part and of course tons of wine!!!

Tons of love, Ab