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Wear the shoes, eat the cookie, DO YOU.

Do what makes you happy.  Yes, that is all relative.  Obviously, don't do anything harmful or anything that's bad for you.  Then again, drinking wine is up in the air if it's good for you. point is wear the shirt, the shoes, the jeans.  Eat a cookie, not a dozen maybe but eat a cookie.  If being stuck in this way of life for the past 2 years has taught us anything it is DO NOT sit around and wait for something.  Do YOU.  I try to incorporate all different styles here so that each and everyone of my girls can find something they love.  Something that makes them shine.  If you are miserable in your job, find another one.  I know easier said than me I was there.  I talked with an old friend today from high school.  She had told me how she received so many compliments on one of her purchases with Riley and Harper.  We then talked about jobs and working and she mentioned that her company she has been with for years now is a great place to work.  You really DO NOT find that much anymore.  If you do, hold onto it and cherish it.  Back to clothes...if you don't like your clothes, if you don't like something about your appearance....change it.  Research things, pin on Pinterest (it works wonders and yes its also going down a rabbit hole), walk around stores and feel out what you like.  Pay attention to styles that catch your eye.  You can always come here to visit with us, sit in our velvet chairs, have a water and tell me what you're stuck on.  It helps, I have customers who do it.  We would love to help you!!! 

Just do what you can to make yourself happy.

Love you all. AB